Dr. Jun Wu, from ShangHai China

Early of this month, we got an appreciation letter from our seed medical practitioner who works at Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital. This is so encouraging.  Posting the letter on and hopefully, you may be thrilled as well :)

"To whom may concern this letter.

This is Jun Wu from China. I was a NCF seed medical practitioner. I had been to Taiwan CGMH to advance my Orthodontic knowledge and skills in 2008. I am writing this letter to give my sincere thankfulness to NCF for providing me this precious opportunity to achieve higher level of my profession.

Now I am working with the Craniofacial Medical Team at my hospital (Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital), there is another surgeon among my team who was also NCF seed medical practitioner in 2008. We are very glad that after completing the training in Taiwan, we are capable of handling more cases with different types of craniofacial complex involved. The results are always satisfying; most of all is to see our patients could eventually live the fulfilling lives.

Once again, thanks for the opportunity allowing us to be partnerships with you. Hopefully, more seed medical practitioners may benefit from the training and pass the blessing around the world.   

Yours sincerely,

Jun Wu      "                    

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