Duong Minh Tung, Vietnam


▲Dr. Duong. Photo taken at CGMH.

It is a dream come true for me to be here training. My first 2 months being in Taiwan is thrilled to me. What I found of Taiwan is absolutely beyond my expectation.

At my workplace, the teachers whom I am fortunate to work with have broad knowledge and highly technical skills. They always nourish us with the guidance of creativity. They encourage us to speak up our ideas and appreciate others. During the process of brainstorming, we could come up with continuous flow of ideas. Besides, my teachers are very generous and patient, they are willing to explain to me from the most basic concepts of every detail. As a result of that, I am easier to access the core of knowledge and skills. More than that, my colleagues are another encouragement to me. Their passion, diligence and dedication can always be reflected on their goal driven work attitude. Hopefully,Icouldfoster and adopt these qualities to my life and become one of them.

▲Dr. Duong with his teacher Dr. Yu Rui Chen (the 6th from the left)

and other international fellows

I am so glad to be here, everything happens impress me. Here have 2 stories I would like to share with you.

The day when I first arrived at the airport, a security guard initiatively came to me. I do n’t know how he could tell I am not a local and need assistance. Anyway, he asked if he could offer me a help. Regardless of the language barrier, the security guard eagerly looked for a help from an English translator then my problem was successfully solved. That was my first time experiencing the warmth of Taiwanese.  

Another experience was one time I forgot my bag behind at a restaurant and it took me a while to realize.  To my surprise, as I urgently went back, I found my bag still lying at my seat.

▲Dr. Duong. Photo taken at CGMH.

I am absolutely amazed by things I encounter in all aspects of Taiwan. I definitely believe what I am gaining is not only on the professional level but also on the daily life experiences. I look forward to seeing more of Taiwan. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be here and inspired.

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