Operation of Hope

Thaiyi is a patient diagnosed with the craniofacial dysostosis syndromes which is the congenital anomalies that affect the skull, face, and sometimes the limbs. Thaiyi’s concave face is the result of craniofacial dysostosis syndromes, which forms his beaked nose and eyelid closure difficulty. Besides, Thaiyi has headache problems due to the increased pressure upon the brain. Breathing disorder is another concern, especially during the night time; Thaiyi’s parents are always being alert if any breathing interruptions might happen which could be fatal to Thaiyi. 

Thaiyi’s craniofacial dysostosis syndromes seriously affected the quality of his life. After seeing the doctor, Thaiyi was suggested to have an operation and it should be done as soon as possible. Completing the evaluation, Doctor advised the operation may cause NTD 250,000. It is a huge amount of money to Thaiyi’s family since they come from a low social economically family. Since NCF knew about Thaiyi’s case, we tried to cooperate with CGMH to provide as much support as we could. Eventually, Thaiyi was received enough money to have the facial reconstruction operation.

The result of operation was a big success. After the surgery, Thaiyi is undergoing regular follow-ups also he should constantly put on the skull adjustment which helps reshape the bones of the skull so they may grow more normally. It has been 3 months after the surgery; now Thaiyi has no problem with his eyes, either eyelids closing or any discomfort. More than that, Thaiyi’s breathing disorder is gone; he can sleep through all night without worrying the breathing interruptions. Thaiyi happily shares with us that finally he is able to breathe with his nose instead of his mouth. 

We would never realize how blessed we are until seeing people suffering. Hopefully, with the thankful heart we may appreciate what we have then try to help and bless people who are less fortunate. Accordingly, we truly believe more life changing stories would happen in every corner around the world.

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