Jesus Ablaza Lizardo II, the Philippines

Photo taken from NCF Seed Medical Practitioners fellowship trip,
26th May 2013

 Dr. Jay is on Microtia training of NCF Seed Medical Practitioner Scholarship at Craniofacial Center of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. Dr. Jay started his fellowship this January and which will be completed end of this year. The past June is his 6th month training at CGMH. Through these days learning, Dr. Jay has some words to share with us.

The past June has been my sixth month training here in Taiwan. I can definitely say that every day I learn something new from my teacher Dr. Z C Chen with regard to the important details of microtia surgery. It is only through daily operation that I am able to realize microtia surgery is a complicated procedure; besides, I have to constantly expose to note steps or techniques which are required to get the best results.

OPD (Outpatient Department) Clinic with Dr. Z C Chen continues to impart me the important details especially on how to thoroughly explain surgical options to the patients and their parents. Dr. Z C Chen takes time out to talk to his patients, which is an essential part of the patient-doctor relationship. It is also through OPD Clinic that I get to see the progress of patients through the year, the complication that goes with their operations and the things that can be done to improve them.

I have come to the halfway of my training and I believe I can continue to pick up and learn more things along the way. Hopefully, I could accomplish and finish research projects where we have started.


Photo taken from NCF Seed Medical Practitioners fellowship trip,26th May 2013

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