Erum Minhas, Pakistan

《Dr. Minhas’s profile》                                                  

1. The Nationality: Pakistan

2. Length of Stay in Taiwan: 1 Year (Sep/2012-Aug/2013)

3. Family Status: Parents and 2 brothers (She is the middle child.)

4. The motto: By all means to please God (ALLAH SWT) by helping His creation.

5. The favorite Taiwanese food:  The rice cake stuffed with sweet beans called Moochi.

6. The most impressive Taiwanese culture:The Chinese New Year which is like a family festival. She appreciates Taiwanese family value, their loyalty to the family especially to the parents.














▲ Minhas's profile photo

-How did you know about the Seed Medical Practitioner Scholarships?

In September 2011, under the support and supervision of my director Dr. Ambreen, I participated in the first PAO International orthodontic conference in Pakistan with my research of presurgical nasoalveolar molding and successfully won the competition.

There was a Taiwanese Doctor called William Choi attending that conference and we came to know each other. Dr. William Choi introduced me NCF Taiwan. Then I wrote an email to NCF requiring the possibility of applying the seed doctor scholarships and having 1 year training at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (short for, CGMH).

Soon I got their reply saying that the priority consideration of evaluating the seed doctor scholarships applicants is whether they could work with NCF local trained doctors to bring out the greatest accomplishments to the needed. Accordingly, they provided me the contact of a Pakistani doctor Dr. Fayyaz who has strong partnerships with NCF.

At the same time, I started doing some study about Taiwan especially CGMH and NCF. I was really impressed by the marvelous jobs NCF are doing whether in Taiwan or other developing countries like Cambodia, Philippine, Vietnam, Pakistan etc. The most remarkable case was Bibi Laiba's, who is from Pakistan and had a severe facial cleft. She came to Taiwan for her 1st surgery done by Dr.Philip Chen and the team. I was really touched by the kindness of NCF organizing Bibi and her family's settling in Taiwan and the marvelous job CGMH did for restoring Bibi's beautiful face and adding confidence in her personality. Luckily I was able to meet Bibi on her second surgical trip in Taiwan and witnessed Taiwanese hospitality.

I always have a passion to help the facial deformities. These achievements deeply stirred my heart then I made up my mind to come over.






                           ▲ Photos of Bibi, before and after the surgeries                  

-What is the biggest challenge for you as a Seed Medical Practitioner to study here?

For me, I think it was the language and food. Taiwanese are really nice and they are very helpful. But the limitation of language is always the barrier for us to communicate.

-Could you please share with us some experiences which might be helpful for NCF to better conduct international partnerships?

According to the period they might stay, I think half year is the maximum. Most people would get homesick if they stayed longer than 6 months because of the food restriction. But if you can get good friends and support, of course you would be willing to stay longer, for example, I had a good Indonesia roommate Muliati who helps me a lot and introduces me to Taiwan. One of my colleagues from Jordan whose name is Bashar, he and his wife who is like my sister always take care of my meals for our Halal restriction in Islam.

-Is there any difficulty for you to practice Pakistani culture in Taiwan?

Alhamdulillah I do not have any problem. I have to pray 5 times a day according to my religion, so I talked to my superiors. They have always been very considerate of me regarding to that.  So I can freely practice my religion here. I mean you should not hesitate to discuss your concern. If you didn't speak out how can people know about your problem and help you.

-What impressesyou the most as a Seed Medical Practitioner at CGMH?

The team work, every country may have good individuals, but not always a good team. In CGMH, they have awesome team of the efficient and diligent individuals.

I said this to my supervisor Dr. Haung that “You are a very good leader. A good team requires a proficient leader like you.”

Besides, the teachers are very sincere they put all their efforts to teach the juniors. All my teachers Dr Huang, Dr Eric, Dr Ko and Dr Liao are very nice. It is my honor to be a student of such excellent teachers. They are the best in their field.

-So what do you think is the key point to make a team work out?

A good team needs a good leadership; otherwise,it is like a crowd of people going different directions. Every successful organization is based on strong leadership and sincere team members. As an authority runner does not mean that you could treat people with a stick. Instead you should encourage them, listen to their ideas and guide them; otherwise they will not respect you and will not be sincere in their job.

 CGMH Medical Team. Photo taken during

the Overseas Volunteer Medical Consultation Trip


This was my first conversation with Dr. Minhas, but during the short interview, I could really see the confidence, and sense the passion of her heart. It is not a job for her, but an expression of love and compassion. Like what she said “It’s not a problem for a female to be a doctor in Pakistan, it depends on the individual. If you are willing to work hard and have passion then in sha Allah nothing is impossible.” Her presentation finishes at the last clip written “Where there is a will there is a way.” It perfectly reminded me who she is. 

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