Tahir Ayub, Pakistan

I started my training in field of plastic surgery in 2004 as a resident. The field of plastic surgery was emerging and we had few plastic surgery units in our country for training. So most of basic surgical training based on self-learning because of shortage of tutors and facilities.

So when I arrived here in Taiwan first time in 2006 to attend a cleft meeting, I found a gross difference in skill and technique these people are using and of course the post operative results were very good compared to ours. So it was in my mind to spend some time here in Taiwan to improve my skill and technique in field of plastic surgery and it came true with the help of NCF.

During my stay in CGMH craniofacial center, I learned many things. Starting from surgical ethics and to deal with patients and behavior of doctor with patients especially sympathies and professional approach and detailed discussion of disease course and outcome of surgery all were made clear to patient in positive way.

Then is the operative planning and preoperative work-up of patient was excellent and I never saw a patient unsatisfied. Before surgery every patient was properly dressed and all work-up was completed.

The basic surgical skill was totally different and it was a great time for me to learn this art at the peak of excellence and really it was a big turn in my professional life. I took a start even from very basic things and try to improve each and every step gradually and in systematic way so that it becomes my daily routine and I can use it in future. The second important thing was care of patient during operation and I found every one very much keen and efficient in his work especially the nurses and anesthesia doctor all the time during surgery.


Then is the approach of surgeon and delivery of expertise of his skill and application of his knowledge to patient was accurate and precise, and I found hardly any difference what he is doing and what that is written in book. Every procedure was accurate and complete with minimal complications and everyone was delivering maximum what so ever he had with him and no doubt it was complete. One thing more which is important is that I found never any one in hurry and they try to do everything by spending full concentration and devotion.


I found the full opportunity to work with Dr. CHEN in the operation room and he arranged hand-on workshop for my training and gave me full opportunity to learn all skill which he had with him during my stay with him. I have also got many new experiences in cleft surgery during my stay in CGMH craniofacial center and it will be really helpful for me to practice in my country and many poor people will get the benefit. I have decided to work for these poor cleft victims for whole life and I will try to work the level best I can. 


In my country we are lacking many things especially new techniques and I am thankful to NCF for there co operation in this regards that they give me the opportunity to improve. And in the end I am thank full to all members of NCF and CGMH for their kind cooperation and help.

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