Kristaninta Bangun, Indonesia

Hello, firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Krista. I'm a plastic surgeon from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm so happy to be here in Taiwan as a clinical fellow in Craniofacial Center of CGMH. For that, I'd like to say thank you for NCF that already give me the scholarship during my stay in Taiwan. My fellowship here is 9 months with craniofacial team and 3 months with Microsurgery team.

I went to Taiwan with all my family, they are: my wife Novy and our three kids, Binar (9 years old), Gilang(7 years old) and Tiara (3 years old). During our stay in Taiwan, we live in Chang Gung Community in Linkou, which is a very convenient place. My kids are very happy since this Community has a lot of children parks for them to play. We live in an apartment building which has 12 floors. Actually, in my country it is not usual for people to live in an apartment, especially in the tall building like we live now.

Two of my kids are schooling in Chang Gung primary School. They have a lot of good times here, because they can make a friendship with some friends that have a different language and culture. This is really a wonderful experience for them.
About my fellowship, CGMH is truly a heaven for a plastic surgeon all over the world. Its name is really famous with a lot of excellent international publications. I think, to learn plastic surgery in CGMH is become a dream of all plastic surgeon, but for me : my dream comes through. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to be here.

The main purpose of my study here is to learn the surgical treatment of microtia patients. Microtia or small ear is a congenital deformity of the pinna (outer ear). I spend 6 months to learn microtia surgery from Dr. Zung Chung Chen; he is very good and very kind teacher for me. Beside of microtia, I also learn the treatment of craniofacial anomalies like cleft lip and palate, cleft nose, orthognatic surgery etc. from the masters: Professor Yu Ray Chen, Professor Kuo Ting Chen and Professor Lun Jou Lo.

The most important thing I've learned in CGMH is the professionalism for the patient's interest. The principle that was noted by Dr. Samuel Noordhoff (Patient first, hard working, team work and be the best) is really applied in every aspects of the patient's care here. Sometimes we finished our surgery late in the evening, I understand that it is for the best result that patient may achieve. After I go back to my country, I will apply this principle of works in my practice.

My country, Republic of Indonesia is a country in South East Asia, comprising of 17,508 islands, it is the world largest archipelagic state. The population of Indonesia is 225 million people; it is the world's fourth most populous country and the most populous Muslim majority nation. Indonesia is located not far from Taiwan; it takes only 5-hour flight from Taipei to Jakarta or Bali. From the cultural point of view, there's many similarity between Indonesia and Taiwan since a lot af people in Indonesia are originated from China. Indonesia has around 300 ethnics groups, each with cultural differences over centuries and influenced by Indian, Arabic, Chinese, Malay and European sources.

Nowadays, there are about 150,000 people of Indonesia works in Taiwan; most of them work as a housemaid or industrial labor. Half of them live in Taoyuan County, which is not far from Linkou. So, whenever me and my family feel homesick, we will go to a place around the train station in Taoyuan, there we may find a lot of stores selling Indonesian stuff and also we may find some restaurant there that serve Indonesian dishes.

During our stay here, there are a lot of new things that we've experienced. For example, Taiwan has 4 seasons, but Indonesia only has 2 seasons (dry and rain season). The temperature in Jakarta is always constant between 25–33°C. Our first time here to experience the winter is really funny, the temperature during that time is under 5°C, we thought it was the coldest moment in our life ever; we can't do anything at that time.

We really enjoy everything here; the garbage truck is always come to the Community at 2030 PM with a Mozart's – Song for Elise as a siren. It seems that everyone is always happy when they heard the siren; we may not experience this kind of atmosphere in Indonesia. After we go back to my country we will yearn for this situation.

In my opinion, Taiwan is a very safe and comfortable place, we never afraid of any criminals here even if I have to go out in the midnight. Any vehicles can be parked safely even on the street without worry...also the habits to make queue or standing in line while waiting for the bus or MRT, it is very interesting since I think we don't have this condition in my country, and I think Indonesia should learn from Taiwan about this. I also noted that the public transportation here is very convenient; we may find many transportation modes that we can't find in my country like MRT and high speed train. Also the traffic jam is not such a big problem here, but in Indonesia the traffic jam is very common.

After I go back to Indonesia, I will work at CiptoMangunkusumo Hospital in Jakarta. It has 2100 beds and it is the biggest public hospital in Indonesia, and also this hospital is associated with University of Indonesia. Now we are building the craniofacial center in this hospital, it is not finished yet, we hope this center will start the service in the end of next year.

My duty in this hospital mainly is to serve the microtia patients, and also to serve patients with craniofacial deformity. For your information, now we only have 95 plastic surgeons all over Indonesia, it is not enough to serve our 222 millions of population; we have to work harder if we want to be at the same level as Taiwan.

Finally I would like to say thank you very much to Rebecca Wang as the chief of NCF, that already gives support for me and my family to study here, not only for craniofacial surgery but also culture and friendship.


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