The Happily Blessed Summer Camp

“Finally I realize what does “Being Independent” really mean.” It is not as easy as I thought. I can eventually understand why mom insisted me to join the Happily Blessed Summer Camp.”

“I want to be more confident and learn how to control my temper.”

“I am very happy that I participated the Happily Blessed Summer Camp. I gained a lot.”……

After the 4 days Summer Camp, these “Little Warriors” all transformed into the “True Warriors”.

Without parents being around helping them, these kids have to do everything on their own and overcome the nights of missing their parents. The second challenge is to be a good team member. Kids learn how to cooperate with their team partners through several team-building activities.

Happily Blessed Summer Camp is an annual summer big event of NCF. Goal of the camp is to train these little warriors to grow into true warriors with self-esteem, love and warmth. And they would also be able to spread the love and warmth to people around them.

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