NCF has provided psycho-social services and treatments for 10000 cleft patients each year in Taiwan and all around the world since 1989. However, a cleft baby is born in every 3 minutes in the world. We could do more to help cleft patients.

Join us to make more smiles around the world!

1500 NTD (around 52 USD) helps a child with speech therapy for 5 sessions in Vietnam

2400 NTD (around 83 USD) helps a child receive pre-surgical and dental treatment in Cambodia and Vietnam

7500 NTD (around 260 USD) helps a child receive surgery in Indonesia, Mongolia, and Myanmar.

Monthly 1000 NTD (around 35 USD per month) you could help a child receive living allowance and psycho-social services in Taiwan  

If you are an international donor, please check here: (English)

If you live in Taiwan, you could find various channels to support us, please check here: (Mandarin)

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