What Makes NCF Unique?

The Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation-Taiwan stands apart from similar humanitarian organizations in that we provide:

  •  Long term and comprehensive team-based medical care that treats the whole patient- from surgery to speech therapy, orthodontic care, plus support for the emotional and psychological adjustments.
  • Best quality training and education for international medical personnel from the prestigious Craniofacial Center of the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan.
  • Sustainable development of cleft lip & palate medical care in developing countries through the establishment of local NCF supervised Centers of Excellence for cleft care and empowerment of the local medical staff to ultimately become self-sufficient.

“Changing a child's appearance goes far beyond patching up a hole to impact his entire life. It promotes confidence, gratitude to society, and helps him better understand love and how to share love with others when he grows up. ” Dr. Samuel Noordhoff

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