About Dr. Samuel Noordhoff

  • 1927

Born in Orange City, Iowa in the United States of America.

  • 1947

Entered Michigan's Hope College.

  • 1950

Entered the University of Iowa School of Medicine.

  • 1959

Arrived in Taiwan as a medical missionary.

  • 1959-1975

Served as the Superintendent of Mackay Memorial Hospital until 1975, advocating the concept of holistic medical treatment including body, mind, and spirit, founded the first polio reconstruction center, an intensive care unit, a mountain mobile clinic, a suicide prevention center – Lifeline, and a burn center.

  • 1976

Became the Founding Superintendent of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.

  • 1981

Honored as a Permanent Superintendent Emeritus of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and founded the first craniofacial center, the first microscopy center, and the first plastic surgery center.

  • 1989

Donated US$100,000 to found the Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation.

  • 1999

Retired and returned to the U.S.

  • 1999-2011

After retirement, he continued to participate in the NCF international program, visiting Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Mongolia, and other places to perform surgery.

  • 2013

Last visit to Taiwan.

  • 2018

Passed away in the U.S.

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